Why am I getting an "email address already taken" error?

If you get an error that the email address you're using to invite a new teammate is already taken, it means the email address is already in use for a profile in your account. 

Each Harvest profile must have a unique email address, and this applies to both active and archived profiles. To resolve this error you can either restore an archived profile and re-invite the person to the account or update the email address of an archived profile so its current email address can be used for a new person. 

Restore an archived profile

If the email address is in use by an archived profile that belongs to the person you are trying to invite to the account, you can restore the person's profile. 

  1. Go to Team and click the View archived people button at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Restore button next to the person's name.

We'll then send them a new invitation to join the account. 

Note that restored people need to be added to projects before they can start tracking, the same as newly invited people. 

Update the email address for an archived profile

If you'd like to use the email address from an archived profile for a new person on your team, you'll need to remove that email address association from the archived profile. 

Because editing the email address for an archvied profile involves restoring the profile, which can have an impact on your subscription, please reach out to us and we can assist with freeing up the email address associated with an archived profile. 

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