How do I remove someone from my account? 🎦

This article is for Administrators. Learn more about permissions. If you’re a Member, check out our Member resources.

The first thing you'll want to do when someone leaves your company is to Archive them.

  1. Head to the Team page.
  2. Click the Actions button next to the person's name.
  3. Choose Archive from the dropdown menu.

Archiving someone prevents them from signing into Harvest, but doesn't delete their data from your account. You can find more information in this article on archiving and deleting people

Once your teammate has been archived, you'll have an empty seat on your team. You can either fill that seat with someone else or remove it from your subscription.

You can manage your subscription from your Settings (top right), including removing the seat (effective on your next billing date). All the details about that can be found in our article on adding seats to or removing seats from your subscription.

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