Which browsers does Harvest support?

You can access Harvest wherever you have an Internet connection via any device running a supported browser with JavaScript enabled. If you don’t see your browser here, it may work fine with Harvest; we just don't officially support or test for it.

Supported computer browsers (Mac, Linux, or PC)

Google Chrome Google Chrome
Latest Version
Safari Apple Safari
Latest Version
Firefox Mozilla Firefox
Latest Version
Edge Microsoft Edge
Latest Version

Mobile devices

Harvest mobile view will work on the following webkit-enabled devices:

  • iPhone & iPod Touch
  • iPad & iPad Mini
  • Phones and tablets running Android OS

There are also other ways to access Harvest from a mobile device:


If you're seeing errors on your timesheet or running into trouble using Harvest in your browser, please try the troubleshooting steps provided in this guide: I'm having issues. What are some initial troubleshooting steps I can take?


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