Why are the totals for my time entries different in different places in my account?

You may see inconsistencies related to how time is displayed or how time entries are totaled in your account depending on how your account is set to display time and/or if your account has time rounding enbled. 

Differences due to time display setting

Your timesheets can be set to display time in either HH:MM (hours:minutes) or Decimal format. This is an account-wide setting and will show for every teammate in the account. If you notice that time entries don't match exactly between reports and your timesheet, the discrepancy may be tied to seeing decimal format in reports while being shown HH:MM format in your timesheet.

You can read more about time display settings in our article on the difference between HH:MM and decimal time display.

Differences due to time rounding 

When time rounding is turned on, your team’s hours will be automatically rounded on:

  • Summary time reports (under Reports > Time).
  • On the Tasks and Team tabs of project analysis pages.
  • On new invoices.
  • Project budget calculations.

Rounding is not applied to:

  • Actual time entries on your timesheets.
  • Detailed time reports (under Reports > Detailed time) you view in the app (CSV and Excel exports include both unrounded and rounded hours).
  • The contractor report.

For more information, see How does time rounding work?

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