Which browsers does Harvest support?

You can access Harvest wherever you have an Internet connection via any device running a supported browser with JavaScript enabled. If you don’t see your browser here, it may work fine with Harvest; we just don't officially support or test for it.

Supported computer browsers (Mac, Linux, or PC)

Google Chrome Google Chrome
Latest Version
Safari Apple Safari
Version 13.1+
Firefox Mozilla Firefox
Latest Version
Edge Microsoft Edge
Latest Version

Mobile devices

Harvest Mobile View will work on the following webkit-enabled devices:

  • iPhone & iPod Touch
  • iPad & iPad Mini
  • Phones and tablets running Android OS

There are also other ways to access Harvest from a mobile device:

  • iPad users can access the normal Harvest web interface, though some hover events require two touches to be effective.
  • iOS users can download the free Harvest iPhone app (available in the app store).
  • Android users can download the free Harvest Android app that’s available on Google Play.

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