Getting project context when invoicing Fixed Fee projects

This article is for Administrators and some Managers. Learn more about permissions. If you’re a Member, check out our Member resources.

When you create an invoice for a Fixed Fee project, it can be useful to see some information about that project. That way, you have the context to help create your invoice quickly and easily—such as info about the invoice schedule, previous invoices you’ve issued, your uninvoiced amounts, etc.

This is why Harvest has the project context feature. Project context shows you important info about your Fixed Fee projects, right on your invoice.

How to view project context

On the draft view of any invoice, the Show project context link will appear beneath the Unit price of any Fixed Fee project. Click this link to open the project context details.

How to make the most of project context

To make the most of project context, we recommend two things:

  • Use project notes for important invoice information, like invoice/payment schedules. That way, you can easily access these important tidbits when you invoice. (You can edit project notes when you create or edit any project.)
  • Be sure your Managers can see project notes, especially if those Managers can create invoices. This permissions setting is controlled under Settings > Edit preferences > Show project notes.

What’s included in project context?

Project context shows you the following info for your Fixed Fee projects, right inside your draft invoice:

  • Project notes: You can enter notes when you create or edit any project.
  • Project fee info: You’ll see your project’s total project fees, how much has been invoiced, and how much remains to be invoiced.
  • Related invoices: You’ll see any other invoices that have been linked to your project. And, if you have permission to see these invoices, you can click to open them in a new tab. Note that the amount we show is for the related project only (your invoice may include amounts for other projects, which isn’t shown here).

Who can see project context?

Administrators, and Managers who can create invoices, can see project context. If Managers are not given permission to view project notes, however, they won’t be able to see the project notes section. This setting is configured in Settings > Edit preferences > Show project notes.

Your clients will never see the information shown in the project context feature.

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