Recording and removing invoice payments and write-offs

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Record payments to invoices if your clients don’t pay invoices online, remove incorrectly recorded payments, or write off all or part of an invoice.

Recording payments

If your client pays an invoice online using one of our online payment integrations, it will automatically be marked as paid. If your client doesn’t pay online, you can record the payment manually.

  1. Go to Invoices > Overview and click into the invoice for which you’d like to record a payment.

  2. Click the Record payment button.

  3. Record the date on which you were paid and the amount.

    • Note: You don’t have to enter the full amount due. You can enter a partial amount, and we’ll display the remaining balance so you can resend the invoice.
  4. Click Save.

Removing payments

You can also delete a payment if it was recorded incorrectly.

  1. Go to Invoices > Overview, and click into the invoice for which you’d like to delete a payment.
  2. Scroll down to the Invoice history at the bottom of the page.
  3. Find the entry for the payment you want to delete. Click the X to delete the payment.

Editing payments

Harvest doesn't allow you to change an existing payment record. To edit a payment, delete the payment by following the instructions above, then record a new payment. 

Writing off invoices

Writing off vs. deleting

Deleting an invoice will remove it from your Harvest account entirely. Writing off an invoice, though, keeps the invoice in your account and records the unpaid balance of the invoice as part of your outstanding debts. In many cases, the debts incurred from written-off invoices can be treated as expenses and deducted from your taxes, so ask your accountant if this applies to your business.

How to write off an invoice

You can write off an invoice with a partial or total outstanding balance.

  1. Go to Invoices > Overview and click into the invoice you need.

  2. Under Actions, select Write off invoice.

    • The invoice must be sent, or marked as sent, for this option to appear in the Actions menu.
  3. Enter notes if you need to, and click Write off invoice.

Even if only part of an invoice was written off, its status will indicate only Written-off. However, payments and written-off balances are recorded correctly in Invoices > Overview and invoice reports.

How to view all written-off invoices

To see a list of all of your written-off invoices, run an invoice report with these steps:

  1. Go to Invoices > Report and click the New report button.
  2. In the Status filter, ensure that the Written-off box is checked and uncheck any other statuses you don’t want in the report.
  3. Set any other filters you’d like.
  4. Click the Run report button.
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