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The contractor report shows all active contractors along with their total hours and cost within a given timeframe. It also shows archived contractors’ information if they’ve tracked time within the timeframe. Only Administrators can see the contractor report.

What you’ll see

At Reports > Contractor, Administrators will see contractors organized A-Z by first name. For each contractor, the report shows total hours and cost for the chosen timeframe.


  • To view a person in the contractor report, they must be designated as a contractor in their user profile. Choose the contractor option when adding a person to the team or when editing their profile. Note that contractors can have any permissions level, including Administrator and Manager.
  • The report includes all active contractors. It also includes archived contractors if they have tracked time in the timeframe.
  • Click on the contractor’s name to view their person page. From this page, you can edit their cost rate by clicking Edit profile, then clicking the Basic info tab. Next to cost rate, click Edit cost rate.

Total hours

  • This is the total number of hours the contractor has tracked for the viewed timeframe.
  • This number is always unrounded regardless of company settings. This ensures accuracy if you use the report for contractor payments.
  • For more details on the time someone has tracked, run their detailed time report by clicking on their total hours number.


  • This is the total cost of the contractor for the timeframe, calculated using the hours they’ve tracked and their cost rate.
  • To view the cost rate for a contractor, hover over the cost amount. You can edit a person’s cost rate by clicking on their name in the report to go to their person page. Then, edit their profile.


  • If you'd like to save, share, and/or set this report to automatically recur, use the Save report button. More information is available in Saved, shared, and recurring reports.
  • Use the timeframe filter at the top right to view the report by Week, Semimonth, Quarter, Year, or All time. You can also define a custom timeframe.
  • Click the arrows at the top left to shift forward or backward in time.
  • Check the Approved hours only box to show only approved hours within the timeframe.
  • Export to CSV or Excel from the Export menu. This export will generate a detailed time report for the selected timeframe.
    • If the Approved hours only box is checked, the export will only include approved time entries.
    • If you'd like to choose which data is included in your CSV or Excel export, choose Custom
    • If you're using iWork Numbers, choose to export to CSV. Files exported to Excel aren't compatible with Numbers. 
  • Print this report by clicking the print icon.

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