I want to… help my team consistently track time

Knowing how your team spends their time is essential to your success. We’ve created this guide to help you get your team tracking regularly and in a timely fashion. 

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Help your team build the habit

You can’t chase down every teammate to make sure they’re getting their time entered. It’s a waste of your energy and time. Instead, use timesheet reminders to automatically prompt your teammates to add and submit their time for the week. 

And teammates who struggle to track time can set up personalized reminders that make sense for them and their schedules.  

Timesheet approval also encourages your team to submit timesheets for review every week, reducing errors and reinforcing the habit. 

Keep time tracking fast and flexible with our apps and integrations

Research shows that the easier a task is, the more likely you’ll try it out and repeat it. Our apps and integrations make time tracking fast and simple for any workflow. 

Constantly on the move for meetings or going to different job sites? The iPhone and Android apps let you run timers and enter expenses while you’re on the go. 

Working across different websites? The Mac and Windows desktop apps make it easy to update your timer without hunting through your browser’s tabs.

Does your team use Google or Outlook calendar to keep track of events, meetings with clients, and internal meetings? If so, you can quickly create time entries based on those events with our calendar integrations.

Managing projects in Basecamp, Asana, or Trello? We’ve got integrations for those, too!

Consider your options and present the ones you think will work best for your team. We’ve got our apps listed in https://www.getharvest.com/apps. And you can find info on all Harvest-built integrations under Featured integrations in https://www.getharvest.com/integrations.

Communicate the value of time tracking

Need help making the case for time tracking at your company? We’ve got a great overview of the different ways tracked time can be valuable for you in this article: Why is time tracking important?

We know it sounds simple, but trust us: being upfront with your team about why the business needs to track time is an important piece of the puzzle. In addition to making time tracking itself easy, understanding the ‘why’ helps people buy in.

We’ve got more detailed tips in our article about how to motivate your employees to track time

Share our resources

Our Help Center is full of articles that cover everything you need to know about Harvest. We’ve done all the work, so your teammates have everything they need during onboarding. To get them started, send them a link to Members: Tracking time. While not everyone on your team will be a Member, that guide will cover everything they need to know about tracking their time. 

And, remember, anyone on your team can reach out to our Experts. We’re here to help!

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