Tracking time in Harvest

There are multiple ways to track time in Harvest, so whether you're on the go using your mobile device or you prefer to access your account in a web browser or via a desktop application, we've got you covered. We support two different ways to track time in a web browser as well as tracking using our mobile app, desktop apps for Windows and Mac, and browsers extensions. 

Tracking time in a web browser

When accessing your timesheet in a web browser from Time > Timesheet, you can create individual entries from the Day view or quickly enter time for multiple days at once from the Week view. Depending on your account's settings, the week view may be locked. 

For more information see Tracking time: Day view 🎦 and Tracking time: Week view.

Tracking time using an iPhone or Android phone

With our mobile app for iPhone and Android, you can track time wherever you are, even if you don't have your computer or are offline (data will sync the next time you connect to the internet).

For more information, see Mobile app: Tracking time

Tracking time in a desktop application

If tracking time from a browser window doesn’t quite fit your workflow, you can track time right from your desktop with one of our desktop apps. For more information see Harvest for Mac and Harvest for Windows.

Tracking time from Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser extensions


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