I want to... bill my clients for tracked time and expenses

We’ve created this guide to help you easily and accurately invoice your clients for your work. After all, getting paid keeps your business going. 

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Turn your tracked time and expenses into an invoice

Once you’ve created your Time & Materials project, set up the applicable rates, and made sure your tasks are billable, Harvest can calculate your billable amount for you. That way, when you’re ready to invoice, you’ll know exactly what to charge your client. 

Create a single invoice based on tracked time, expenses, or fixed fees or set up a recurring invoice template based on tracked time and/or expenses and we'll automatically generate invoices for you to review on the interval that you specify—yearly, monthly, or a custom date period. From the project analysis page, the uninvoiced report (Reports > Uninvoiced), Invoices > Overview, or Invoices > recurring, click New invoice to get going!

Did you incur expenses on behalf of the client? You can pull those into your invoice, too, and attach a report with the receipts

Having trouble generating a billable amount? We cover everything that might be missing in Why is my project’s billable amount 0?

Build trust with transparency 

Show your client exactly how you reached their amount due. Use the Detailed option when organizing your invoice and we’ll pull in a line item for every time entry tracked, listing the rate applied and the billable amount. Or keep the invoice simple with a single line item for each task, person, or project, and attach a detailed time report.

Make paying you painless

With our online payment integrations, your client can start a payment right from the invoice with the click of a button. After they’ve completed their payment and it’s been processed, Harvest will record it on the invoice for you.  

We currently support Stripe and PayPal. Find more information in our article about picking an online payment integration.

Gently nudge clients who’ve missed a payment

Once you’re on to the next project, you don’t want to step away to chase down late payments. Set up a reminder message in Invoices > Configure > Messages and we’ll do the work for you. You can customize the message your clients receives and how often they’ll be notified. 

Customize default settings to save time

Some things never (or only rarely) change! You don’t want to type out payment instructions in the invoice notes section, add your company address, or enter the same old tax rate over and over again. Instead, choose your default settings in Invoices > Configure that’ll be applied to all of your invoices. You can also add a logo while you’re in there.

Learn more about your options in our article about configuring invoices and estimate settings.


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