Mobile app: Viewing team and individual reports

This article is for Administrators and some Managers. Learn more about permissions. If you’re a Member, check out our Member resources.

Teammates report

In the mobile app for iPhone and Android, Administrators and some Managers can view a report of the billable and non-billable hours their team has tracked against their capacity in a given week. 

To view this report, go to the Reports tab and tap on Teammates

What you'll see

The Teammates report has a summary panel at the top of the screen. For the week you are viewing, you will see the following numbers for all of the active team members in your account:

  • Total hours
  • Team capacity
  • Bar graph showing capacity and billable/non-billable hours

Below the summary is a table breaking down the week’s time by person. In the table, you can tap Hours to view the Billable hours and Capacity for the week as well. The team members can be sorted alphabetically.

Administrators can also view Today's team timers by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner.

Individual reports

From the Teammates report, you can tap on a specific team member's name to view an individual report of their hours and capacity in a given week.

What you'll see

Each individual report will contain the following information:

  • Total hours
  • Individual capacity
  • Bar graph showing capacity and billable/non-billable hours
  • Bar graphs showing the breakdown of tracked hours by day of the week, project, and task

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