Mobile app: "Today's timers" widget (iPhone only)

The Today's timers widget allows you to start and stop the current day’s most recent timers, as well as view a live timer from your mobile Home Screen.

Installing the widget

  1. With the Harvest iPhone app installed, press and hold anywhere on your device’s Home Screen.
  2. Tap the + button in the top left corner.
  3. Search for Harvest.
  4. Swipe to view the 3 size options.
  5. Press the + Add widget button under your preferred size.

Using the widget

The widget will display today’s recent time entries, including the client, project, and task names.

There are 3 size options; Small will show your most recent timer, Medium will show up to 3 recent timers, and Large will show up to 5.

To begin using the widget for the day, open the mobile app by tapping the app icon or the widget. If you haven’t started a timer yet today, tapping the widget will take you to the app to create a New time entry. If you’ve started a timer outside of the mobile app, you can tap back from the app to the iOS Home Screen; this will sync it with the widget.

You’ll then see the day’s recent or active time entry or entries from the Home Screen widget. Tapping the start/stop button will start or stop the timer; tapping elsewhere will open the Harvest app.

When your phone is locked, you can swipe to the left to view and interact with the widget in your phone’s Today View.


A running timer will display time in MM:SS format; when you reach an hour, it’ll move to HH:MM:SS. For example, if you have 10 minutes and 3 seconds tracked, the running timer will look like 10:03. If you have an hour, ten minutes, and 3 seconds tracked, it will look like 01:10:03. 

When a timer is stopped, it will switch over to HH:MM display. So, a timer with 10 minutes and 3 seconds will look like 00:10 when paused.

The widget will not run offline. However, you can tap the widget to open up the mobile app, which can track offline and sync to the widget when you come back online.

Uninstalling the widget

  1. On your Home Screen, press and hold the widget.
  2. Tap Remove Widget.

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