Mobile app: Tracking time

With our mobile app for iPhone and Android, you can track time wherever you are, even if you don't have your computer or are offline (data will sync the next time you connect to the internet).

Tap the Time button (clock icon) to see your timesheet for the day. The weekly summary bar along the top will show you the daily totals for the entire week. From this initial view, you can navigate to different days or move between entire weeks:

  • To switch days, tap the day you’d like to enter time on, or swipe left or right on your timesheet.
  • To move between weeks, swipe left or right in the weekly summary bar, or tap the arrows at the top right.
  • To choose a specific date, tap the date button in the top left, choose a date, then select Update (iPhone) or OK (Android).
  • To jump back to today’s date, tap the calendar icon.

Entering time

You can start a running timer or add a completed time entry for work you've already done. You can manually choose the project and task for the time entry or, if you're using our favorites feature, select from project and task combinations you use frequently to track time even faster.

  1. Tap the Time button (clock icon) to reach your timesheet.
  2. Tap the green + Track time button at the bottom.
  3. From the time entry screen, tap the Project field to select a project. Or, if you already have some favorites set up, tap the star icon at the top left, tap the favorite you want to use, and skip to step 5 in these instructions.
    • You can scroll through the list of active projects or enter the desired project name in the search bar.
    • If you’re an Administrator or a Manager with permission to create projects, you can create a new project by tapping the plus sign (top right). You may want to sign in to your account in a web browser later to edit project details.
  4. Next, tap the Task field to select a task.
    • You can scroll through the list of tasks or enter the desired task name in the search bar.
    • If you’re an Administrator or a Manager with permission to create and edit tasks, you can add a task already in the account to the project by tapping the plus sign (top right). To add a completely new task to the account and the project, tap the plus sign and then Create. You may want to sign in to your account in a web browser later to edit task details.
    • If the project and task pair that you’re tracking time to is one you frequently use, you can tap the star icon to add the pair to your list of favorites.
  5. If the entry is for work you've already done, enter a Duration or Start and End times (depending on your company settings), or use the pre-set time buttons to create a duration. If you want to start a live timer, leave these fields blank.
  6. If you’d like, enter notes into the Write a note (optional) field.
  7. Click Save entry or (for a live timer) Start timer.

If you're using favorites, you can also track time for one of those project and task combinations from your Home screen. Tap a favorite's play button to immediately start a running timer, or tap elsewhere on the favorite if you want to add a duration (or start and end times) or notes.

Note: If you’ve started a timer, that time entry will have an orange button with a square icon. To stop your timer, tap the orange stop button. To restart your timer, tap the white play button. Timers can be started/stopped by long-pressing on an existing entry and tapping Start/Stop, too.

Editing and deleting time

Tap the entry you need to change. If you want to edit it, update any fields you need to, then tap Update entry. If you want to delete it, tap Delete.

Entries can also be deleted by long-pressing on an entry and tapping Delete entry.

Submitting your timesheet for approval

  1. Tap Submit below your weekly summary bar along the top of your screen.
  2. Review your time (and expenses, if any) for the week, and tap Submit to submit your timesheet or Cancel if you need to make changes.

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