Mac app: Keyboard shortcuts

With a few keystrokes, you can navigate around your Harvest for Mac app quickly. Here are some hotkeys we’ve included to make tracking time from your desktop faster.

Using Mac app keyboard shortcuts

  • To start a new timer, press OPT+CMD+N (this is customizable in Preferences).
    • You can use this hotkey with any application open.
    • If the timesheet window is already open, you can also press just CMD+N.
  • To hide/show the timesheet window, press OPT+CMD+T (this is customizable in Preferences).
  • To show the time summary, press OPT+CMD+S (this is customizable in Preferences).
  • To show your favorites, press OPT+CMD+F (this is customizable in Preferences).
  • To refresh the timesheet window, press CMD+R.
  • To move between days, use the left and right arrow keys.
  • To jump to today’s date, press the T key.
  • To move between entries, use the up and down arrow keys. The selected entry will be highlighted in gray.
  • To stop a timer (or to start one for the entry that’s selected), press the S key.
  • To edit a selected entry, press the E key.
  • To delete a selected entry, press the delete key.

Bonus tip: You can also start and stop your timer by clicking the H in your Mac’s menu bar.

Customizing shortcuts for the Mac app

  1. Open the timesheet window and click the gear icon in the bottom right
  2. Select Preferences… and click on the Shortcuts tab there
  3. Type in a new shortcut to the right of each customizable option

If you decide you don't like your customizations, you can click Restore Default Shortcuts.

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