Mac app: Overview

The Harvest for Mac app is designed for tracking time from your desktop. For full Harvest functionality, please sign in to your account from a web browser.

Installing and signing in on the Mac app

You can download the app from the Mac app store and sign in either with your email address and password or using Google sign-In. Our signing in article has more details.

If you don’t remember your password, go to in a web browser and click Forgot your password? to request a password reset email.

Tracking time in the Mac app

Our tracking time article has information about navigating the app and entering and editing time. To submit your timesheet, please sign in to Harvest in a web browser.

To make time tracking easier, you can use the favorites feature to quickly select your most frequently used project/task pairs and keyboard shortcuts to move around the app without leaving the keyboard.

Managing preferences in the Mac app

You can adjust settings, customize some keyboard shortcuts, and access troubleshooting tools by clicking the gear icon in your timesheet and selecting Preferences.

The managing preferences article has more details on what you can change there, including whether Harvest automatically starts when your computer does and how idle time detection works.

Troubleshooting in the Mac app

We have a general troubleshooting article with first steps to address any issues you might experience. Note that the app requires an internet connection to work.

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