Mobile app: Unsynced entries

Time and expense entries you create using the mobile app for iPhone or Android are synced to your Harvest account whenever you’re connected to the internet. If you think you've lost data, or the hours or expenses on your phone and on the web are different, unsynced entries may be responsible.

If the app can’t sync an entry for some reason, the entry will have an icon that looks like an arrow pointing into a cloud. The Time and/or Expenses tab will also have a red badge next to the button for tracking. The number within the badge reflects the number of entries that are currently unsynced.


Finding details about and resyncing your unsynced entries

To learn exactly why an entry isn't syncing:

  1. Tap the Time or Expenses tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the red badge next to the button for tracking. 
  3. Tap each individual entry to see the error message about why that entry can’t be synced.

To try again to sync one or more entries, after you've resolved the issue, tap the Sync all button when you're looking at the list of all unsynced entries or Try again when you're viewing the error message for an individual entry.

Common issues with unsynced entries in the mobile app

Pending sync

Something may be wrong with your internet connection. To fix this, verify that your device can connect to the internet via either mobile data or wifi. You may still experience problems if your connection is weak. Try resyncing your entries when your internet connection is fully restored.

Server conflict error due to something being archived or locked

A project, task, expense category, or time period you tried to track time to may be archived or locked. To fix this, restore or unlock the related item from the web version of Harvest. This article on locked time and expenses has detailed instructions for unlocking entries. Try resyncing your entries once the items are restored or unlocked.

Other troubleshooting for unynced entries in the mobile app

If none of the above steps work, we recommend manually recreating unsynced entries in the web version of Harvest. After that, you can use the general troubleshooting steps to fully reset your app by either clearing the cache or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Keep in mind that if you take either of those actions, you will lose any entries that are currently unsynced.

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