Slack is a central hub for a lot of teams to gather throughout the day, share work, and discuss projects. Our Slack integration makes it easy for Harvest to be part of that discussion by allowing you to track time and view and share project budget reports without leaving your favorite channels. Check what a team member is currently working on so you can make sure your direct message won’t interrupt their flow. You can even celebrate time tracking using Harmojis.

Our page for the Harvest + Slack integration has all the details on how to get up and running and which commands you can use. Once you have it set up, you can also type /harvest help into Slack at any time to be reminded of the available commands.

You might still have some questions, though! We’ll answer a few of them here:

Will everyone else see when I’m using a Harvest + Slack slash command? All of our slash commands respect your privacy. Only you can see your messages about starting and stopping timers and checking another team member’s status. Budget reports are initially shown only to you and will only be shared with the channel if you click the Share to Channel button.

Who can use the status command to see what another team member is working on? When Administrators use the status command in Slack, they can see the project and task that someone else is currently tracking time to and the timer’s duration. Project Managers and Regular Users will see the duration of another team member’s running timer. Our hope is that everyone on the team will be able to use this command to avoid interrupting someone who’s in the zone.

Who can view and share a project budget report? Administrators and Project Managers can use the budget command for viewing a budget report for a project. If they choose to share that report, anyone in the channel will be able to see it, even Regular Users and people who aren’t in the connected Harvest account.

Can I link more than one Harvest account to a single Slack workspace, or more than one Slack workspace to a single Harvest account? No, you can only link one Harvest account to one Slack workspace and vice versa.

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