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When profiles are linked between Harvest and Deel, time entries for linked profiles can be copied to Deel by an Administrator in Harvest.

To copy time entries to Deel, you must have Administrator permissions in Harvest.

Copying time entries to Deel

Time entries for linked profiles between Harvest and Deel can be copied to Deel using the Detailed time report in Harvest.

Only Administrators can copy time time entries to Deel.

To copy time entries to Deel:

    1. To copy time entries, first run a Detailed time report (Reports > Detailed time) with filters set to encompass the entries you'd like to copy to Deel.
    2. Then select the entries you want to copy to Deel:
      • If you want to copy all the entries from all pages of the Detailed time report, leave all of the boxes unchecked.
      • If you want to select all of the entries on the current page, you can check the box at the top of the report to select all entries on the current page. Doing this will also give you an option to check the rest of the entries from other pages of the report as well.
      • If you'd like to copy specific individual entries, use the checkboxes on the left to mark the entries you'd like to copy.
    3. Then, in the upper-right portion of the report, click Copy all hours to Deel to copy all of the hours on the report to Deel. If you selected specific entries, click the Copy selected hours to Deel button to copy them over.
    4. The entries will begin copying to Deel, and you'll see a status message at the top of the page once the copy is completed.


    • If a time entry has previously been copied to Deel, copying it again will update the existing time entry in Deel.
    • If a time entry has previously been copied to Deel, but then was deleted in Deel, copying the entry from Harvest again will recreate the time entry in Deel.
    • Time entries will not automatically copy to Deel via the integration, so any entries that are needed in Deel must be copied over using the steps above, including any entries from past timesheets.

Copy success and errors:

When time entries are successfully copied to Deel, you'll see a success message at the top of the page:

If any copy errors are encountered for any of your team members, you'll see a warning message that details the cause for the copy error, which will help you address the issue in Deel or Harvest. An email detailing each error in the failed copy attempt will also be emailed to the Harvest Account Owner.

How to see if a timesheet is copied to Deel

After time entries are copied to Deel, you'll see a Deel icon to the right of the time entry's row on the Detailed time report.

If a time entry's duration has been updated since the last copy to Deel, you'll see a Duration mismatch alert next to the entry in the Detailed time report. Copying the entry to Deel will update the entry in Deel to match the new duration in Harvest.

How data maps from Harvest to Deel

When a time entry in Harvest is copied to Deel, the time entries are copied to Deel as separate Timesheet Entries for each project and task.

In Deel, the hours for the time entry are added as the Time worked, and the Date will reflect the time entry date in Harvest.

The Description for the Timesheet Entry in Deel will show the name of the project and task for the time entry along with (copied from Harvest).


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