Unlocking time and expenses

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Time and expense entries are locked when hours or expenses are invoiced and/or approved, or when items are archived. This prevents those entries from being edited.

If you’re an Administrator or Manager and need information on how to view another person’s timesheet, you can find it in our article on How to view or edit another person's timesheet.

Determining why time or expenses are locked

If a time or expense is gray and a lock icon appears to the right of the entry, it’s locked. Administrators will see one of the following messages when they hover over the lock icon. Managers and Members will see a message that says Only an Administrator can unlock this entry no matter why the time or expense is locked.

If you need to make changes to locked time or expenses, ask an Administrator to unlock these entries.

Entry invoiced

For time or expenses that are invoiced but not approved.

    • Invoicing for a custom period locks the project through the most recent date covered by that invoice. For example, if you invoice through Monday on Monday morning, you and your team won’t be able to log time to that same project for the rest of the day.
    • Invoicing for a pre-set time period (last month, this year, etc.) locks a project through the furthest time or expense entry entered in the time period. For example, if you invoice for last month but your team only has time or expenses entered through the 18th, the project will lock through the 18th.

Entry approved

For time or expenses that are approved but not invoiced. Approval in Harvest is on a weekly basis; approving a week locks the entire week, including days with no time tracked to them.

Entry invoiced and approved

For time or expenses that have been both invoiced and approved. Note that for the entry to be unlocked, you must withdraw approval and mark the entry as uninvoiced in order to edit it.

Entry archived

For time or expenses that are locked because the project, task, or person is archived. These hours or expenses aren’t necessarily invoiced or approved. However, if you have a time entry that’s locked but hasn’t been approved or invoiced, it’s very likely that some element of the entry has been archived.

Unlocking time and expenses

The process for unlocking time and expenses will vary depending on the reason they’re locked. Once you know why the entries are locked, you can use the steps in the related article to unlock them:

Who can unlock time and expenses?



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