My company’s name, address, or domain has changed. What should I do?

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There are a few places in your Harvest account where you may need to change your company’s name and physical address, such as your invoices. You might also need to update your Harvest account’s web address (subdomain) and the email addresses your teammates use to sign in. People with Administrator permissions can make these changes right from your account.

Changing Your Company Name and Mailing Address on Invoices You Send to Clients

  1. Head to Invoices > Configure > Company Info.
  2. Enter your new Name and Company Address.
  3. Click Save Company Information.

This will update your company’s name and address for future invoices and across all existing invoices. We recommend exporting copies of your past invoices for your records before making any changes here.

Note: From Invoices > Configure, you can also check the Default Values and Messages tabs for any mentions of your old company name or address.

Changing Your Company Name as it Appears in Your Account

  1. Head to Settings (top right).
  2. Click Edit Preferences.
  3. Enter your new Company Name.
  4. Click Save Preferences.

Note: Changing your company’s name here will also update the company name on the invoices you send to your clients and the name displayed on all future receipts or invoices for your Harvest subscription.

Changing Your Billing Address for Your Harvest Subscription

  1. Head to Settings (top right).
  2. From the Billing Information section:
    • If you pay by credit card, click the Update Credit Card button to update your billing address. Click Update after making any changes.
    • If you pay by invoice, click the Update Billing Address button in the Payment Method area to edit the address that appears on your invoice from Harvest. Click Save after making any changes.

Changing Your Harvest Account’s Web Address (Subdomain)

  1. Head to Settings (top right).
  2. Under the Billing Information section, in the Web Address area, click the Update Address button.
  3. Enter your new web address. Note: If a web address is not available, your team will need to choose a different address.
  4. Click Save Web Address.

Note: Changing your Harvest account’s web address will break all links to the old web address, so you’ll want to notify your team and clients of the change before you make it.

Changing Your Team’s Email Addresses

To update the email address a teammate uses to sign in to all of their Harvest and Forecast accounts, have them edit their own Harvest ID.

  1. Head to, and sign in if necessary.
  2. Click My Harvest ID at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your new email address.
  4. Click Update Email.

To update the email address your teammate uses to sign in to this Harvest account only, have an Administrator edit the person’s email address from their User Profile in the Harvest account.

  1. From Team, click on a person to view their Person Page.
  2. Click Edit Profile (upper right corner).
  3. From the user profile, click Basic Info (left).
  4. Enter their new email address.
  5. Click Update Info.

Note: An email with an invitation to re-join the account will be sent to the person’s new email address. They’ll need to sign out of all Harvest and Forecast accounts before following the steps to accept the invitation.

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