Version 2 billing: Harvest was unable to charge my credit card for my subscription. What should I do?

If the credit card payment for your Harvest subscription isn't working properly, or you received a failed payment notification, there are a few steps you can try to complete the payment.


First, either try a different card or update your current card. Once you do this, Harvest will automatically try to process the charge again.


If that doesn’t work, you may need to call your financial institution to find out why the charge has failed. Harvest recognizes a failed charge, but we can’t see the exact reason that your card was declined. When talking to your bank, you can tell them that the charge is from Harvest. If the first representative is unable to help, you will want to request to speak with the fraud department, as recurring transactions—especially if you're located outside of the U.S.—may require explicit authorization.


Once you have cleared the issue with the bank, re-enter your card information by clicking the Update payment link in the Billing section (left sidebar) of Settings, then the Update card link on the following page. When you re-enter your card details and click the Save billing details button at the bottom, Harvest will make another attempt to charge your card. (Our system will also automatically retry the charge after a few days if we don’t hear from you.)


You should receive an email from us and see a receipt in your Harvest account when we’ve successfully charged your card.


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