Why can't I track time?

In some cases, the Track time (Day view) or Add row (Week view) button on your timesheet might be grayed out. If you are unable to track time it could be because your timesheet is locked, you aren't assigned to any projects, or the project you're trying to track to doesn't have any tasks assigned. 

Hover over the Track time button in the Day view to see a brief explanation of why you can't track time, or see the rest of this article for details. 

Your timesheet might be locked

A timesheet could be locked for a few different reasons. Read Unlocking time and expenses for more information.

You might not be assigned to any projects

To see whether you have assigned projects:

  1. Click your name at the top right.
  2. Select My profile.
  3. Click into the Projects tab on the left.

If the page is blank, ask an Administrator or Manager to assign you to the projects you need to track time to.

Your projects might not have any tasks added to them

If you're assigned to projects and none of the "locked timesheet" situations apply, ask an Administrator or Manager to ensure that your projects have tasks added to them. All time entries must be associated with both a project and a task.

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