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This article is for Members. Learn more about permissions.

Welcome to the Member section of the Harvest Help Center! This section only includes information that’s relevant to your particular permission level, so you don’t need to browse through everything else.

Here, you’ll learn what a Member can see and do in Harvest, how to sign in, edit your profile and notification preferences, and more.

If you’d like a one-stop summary of Harvest’s features that you can share with other teammates with Member permissions, check out our Harvest Welcome Guide.

How do I know if I’m a Member?

If you’re only in Harvest to track your own time and expenses, you’re most likely a Member. 

To view your own permissions:

  1. Click your name at the top right corner of your Harvest account.
  2. Select My profile.
  3. Choose the Permissions tab on the left. Your permission level will show as selected with a white dot in the middle of the circle. 

What can I do as a Member? How does that compare to the other permission levels?

As a Member, you can track time and (if enabled in your organization’s account) expenses to projects you’re assigned to and run reports on your own time and expenses. In some cases, you may be able to see some additional information for a project you’ve been assigned to, like its total hourly budget or the total time tracked to it by everyone on the team.

You can read more about how to do all of this in the detailed articles listed to the right.

Administrators can see and edit everything in the account—all clients, projects, tasks, people, time and expenses, and invoices and estimates. Managers are somewhere in between; for projects and/or their assigned people, for example, they can see other people’s time and expenses (and some Managers may have permission to edit time). Our article on team permissions breaks down exactly what each permission level can and can’t do.

What else should I know about using Harvest?

Signing in

To access your company’s account for the first time, you’ll need to accept an invitation that you’ll receive by email. After that, you can always sign in from Read our article on accessing your account to learn more.

Your profile

Click your name at the top right of your account and select My profile to access your user profile. There, you can see what projects you’ve been assigned to, edit some of your personal details and manage notifications, and manage your profile’s security.

Some of these actions will take you to Harvest ID, which is our authentication system. For more information see our article on My profile and Harvest ID.

Apps, extensions, and integrations

You don’t have to have a browser tab or window open to track in Harvest! We have mobile and desktop apps, browser extensions, and integrations to help you track your time and/or expenses no matter where you are.

Timesheet approval

Your company might have our approval functionality enabled, allowing you to submit your time and expenses for each week and have them approved by a Manager or Administrator. Once a week has been approved, you can’t edit it anymore.

Note that invoiced time and expenses are also locked against editing.

Still have questions?

Besides the information in the other articles listed to the right, check out the FAQs and troubleshooting article for answers to some common questions—or click the Contact Us button below to send us a message!

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