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Some teams choose to use timesheet reminders and timesheet approval to provide greater oversight on tracked time and expenses. When you submit a weekly timesheet for approval, this will include both time and expenses tracked to that week. You can continue editing time and expenses after they’ve been submitted, up until they’re approved. Once a timesheet has been approved it will become locked, and only Administrators can make edits to locked timesheets. 

Submitting your timesheet for approval

Time and expenses are submitted and approved together—it’s not possible to submit or approve only time or only expenses.

  1. Go to Time > Timesheet or Expenses.
  2. From Time > Timesheet click the Submit week for approval button (lower right corner), then click Yes, submit timesheet to confirm. From Expenses, click the Submit for approval link (on the right).
    • If you’ve tracked only time, your timesheet will then submit.
    • If you’ve tracked only expenses, or both time and expenses, you’ll be taken to a review screen and will need to click Submit for approval at the bottom of the page to confirm the submission. If you don’t click the Submit for approval button, your timesheet will not be submitted. After submission, timesheets can still be edited until they’re actually approved. Approvers will always see the most up-to-date entries.

Approving a timesheet locks the entries for the entire week, so be sure to only submit your timesheet once the week is over!

Making changes to an approved timesheet

If you need to make changes or additions to a timesheet after it has already been approved, reach out to an Administrator in your account. They’ll be able to edit the duration of a locked time entry or withdraw approval from the timesheet to allow you to make more substantial changes.

Receiving team-wide timesheet reminders

You may receive weekly emails reminding you to submit your timesheet for approval. These emails are enabled by your account Administrators.

If you’d like to stop receiving these automatic timesheet reminders, you can disable them from your profile:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Notifications
  3. In the Timesheet reminders section, deselect Include me in weekly team-wide reminders
  4. Click Update notifications.

Note: Administrators can also send manual timesheet reminders at any time, and these can’t be disabled.

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