Why can't I see any projects on the Projects page?

The purpose of the Projects section is not to list the projects you’re assigned to for time tracking. Instead, it lists the projects you’re allowed to report on. If you seem to be missing projects in the Projects section, it's most likely a permissions issue.

There are two criteria that affect what projects you can report on:

  1. Your team permissions
  2. The project’s permissions

Your permissions determine what you'll see on your Projects page

What Administrators see on the projects page

If you’re an Administrator, you can see all project reports in the Harvest account, regardless of the project’s permissions.

What Managers see on the Projects page

If you’re a Manager, you can only report on projects you manage, and projects you’re assigned to that are set to Show project report to everyone on the project. Other projects won’t be listed on your Projects page, even if you or your assigned people can track time and expenses to them. You can only see fee-based budgets and billable amounts if you have permission to view billable rates.

What Members see on the Projects page

If you’re a Member, you won’t be able to see any project reports, unless a project you’re assigned to is set to show the project report to everyone on the project. For those projects, you’re only able to see hourly budgets.

Learn more about team permission levels and what each one can see.

Show a project report to everyone on the project

Administrators and Managers can find a project’s Permissions setting when they’re creating or editing a project. By setting it to Show project report to everyone on the project, all assigned Members and Managers who aren’t managing the project will be able to see the total hours tracked to the project and the progress of any hourly budget.

See all projects you can track time to

If you’re looking for a list of all projects you can track time to:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner of Harvest and select My profile.
  2. Select the Projects tab on the left, and you’ll see a full list of the projects you’re assigned to.
  3. To track time to those projects, head over to Time > Timesheet.

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