Can I make subprojects/subtasks? How do I create project phases?


There isn't a way to create subprojects in Harvest. Each project in Harvest must be created for a specific client, and it’s not possible to nest projects within each other. Each project will have its own individual settings, time and expense data, and budget.


There isn't a way to create subtasks in Harvest. However, some people find it helpful to create tasks with the subtask as part of the task name. For example: "Design: Logo," "Design: Home Page."

Project Phases

It’s not possible to set separate phases of work within a single project. So, if your project will have different phases, you may find it beneficial to break each phase into its own project.


You would need to create a new project for the next phase of your project in order to track a completely separate budget that only factors in a new set of time and expenses.

If each phase of your project has the same settings, you can quickly duplicate your active project. You'll then be able to edit the new project’s budget and any other settings before your teammates begin tracking time to the new project.


Once the new project is set up, you can archive the original project so that no more time or expenses can be tracked to it.

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