What does "Additional people scheduled in Forecast" mean on my project analysis page?

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This is how Harvest displays people who aren't connected between Harvest and Forecast, or who are scheduled on a project in Forecast but aren't assigned to the project in Harvest.

Some teams have contractors or part-time teammates who may be scheduled for a project in Forecast but not officially tracking time to the project in Harvest. They still want to account for those estimated hours in Harvest, so we show them as additional people.

As long as the names and email addresses match exactly between Harvest and Forecast teammates, you can connect them. To connect these people between the two accounts:

  1. Sign in to your Forecast account.
  2. In Forecast, click Manage > Team.
  3. Click Import from Harvest.
  4. Check the box next to the name of any people you'd like to connect, then click Import People.

This will create a connection between the accounts for those teammates.

In the future, if you create a new person in Harvest, you can use the steps above to import them into Forecast, which will create their profile in that account and make the connection between Harvest and Forecast automatically.

You can find more detail about that in our Forecast Help Center article on linking people between Harvest and Forecast.

If a person's accounts are already linked but they're still in the Additional people... section in Harvest, they're most likely scheduled on the project in Forecast but not assigned to it in Harvest. Edit the project in Harvest to assign them to it, or go to their profile in Harvest to assign them to multiple projects at once.

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