How can my team track over-budget hours as non-billable?

Harvest doesn't have a way to automatically detect when a budget has been met and to assign all future hours to non-billable tasks. 

We recommend creating non-billable tasks that your teammates can track their time to once the budget has been met. While there's not a way to automatically prevent your team from tracking over the budget, you can keep an eye on your budget progress and let your team know when they should start tracking time to non-billable tasks. 

If you switch the project's permissions to Show the project report to everyone on the project, that will allow Members on the project to see the project's budget in hours and the total hours tracked against it, allowing them to keep track themselves of when to switch to non-billable tasks. You can enable this on a per-project basis from the Permissions section of a project's Edit project page.

You can also edit existing time entries to move overages from billable tasks to non-billable tasks.

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