How do I include expenses in my project budget?

The only way to have expenses included in the budget's balance is by setting the project to budget by Total project fees and checking the box for Budget includes billable and non-billable project expenses.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to the Projects page.
    • If you're creating a new project, click + New project.
    • If you need to edit an existing project, click Actions > Edit next to that project.
  2. Under Project type, set the Billable rates option to your preference.
  3. Under Budget, select Total project fees and set the amount.
  4. Check the box labeled Budget includes billable and non-billable project expenses.
  5. Click Save project at the bottom.

If you need to set a different budget type for your project but still want to include a budget for expenses, we recommend creating two separate projects: one for tracking time, and one for tracking expenses. 

Your expense project should be budgeted in Total project fees, as this is the only budget type that can include expenses. When creating that project, be sure to check the box for Budget includes billable and non-billable project expenses.

You can then pull both projects (the one you use for tracking your time, and the one you use for expenses) onto one invoice together when billing your client.



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