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The Uninvoiced Report highlights projects with uninvoiced hours and expenses in a given timeframe.

Administrators can see all projects in the Uninvoiced Report. Project Managers with permission to create invoices can only see projects they manage.

How to Use the Uninvoiced Report

What you’ll see

Reports > Uninvoiced is organized by client, with all projects that have uninvoiced hours or expenses for the selected timeframe listed in black, while projects that are invoiced for the timeframe are grayed out. For each project, you’ll see the project’s uninvoiced hours, expenses, and billable amount for the selected timeframe.

  • If Time Rounding is turned on in your Preferences (updated from Settings), Uninvoiced Hours and Uninvoiced Amounts will be rounded according to your settings.

  • Projects

    • Any project with an uninvoiced amount will be shown, including archived projects, unless you choose to show Active Projects Only.
  • Uninvoiced Hours

    • This is the total number of hours that have not been invoiced for a client or project in the timeframe selected. Note that hours tracked to Fixed Fee projects will always display as Uninvoiced Hours unless you manually mark them as invoiced from a Detailed Time Report.
    • Clicking an hour total will take you to a Detailed Time Report for those hours.
  • Uninvoiced Expenses

    • This is the total amount for billable expenses that have not been invoiced for a client or project in the timeframe selected.
    • Clicking an expense total will take you to an Expense Report for the outstanding expenses.
  • Uninvoiced Amount

    • This is the total amount that has not been invoiced for a client or project in the timeframe selected.
    • For Time & Materials projects, the Uninvoiced Amount equals the total uninvoiced hours and expenses for the project in the timeframe selected.
    • For Fixed Fee projects, the Uninvoiced Amount equals a project’s total fees minus any linked invoices. If the timeframe of the report is fully before the Start Date entered for the project—or the creation date if no Start Date was entered—the project will be listed on the report, but show an Uninvoiced Amount of 0.


  • Select a timeframe in the top-right corner of the report.

  • Invoice for a client’s Time & Materials projects by clicking the button at the end of their row. This will take you to the New Invoice page where you can further specify what you’d like the invoice to include.

    • If you see No Rates, this means one of two things:
      • The Time & Materials project has no hourly rate selected. You can mark these hours as invoiced by clicking the hour or expense total, which will take you to a Detailed Time Report or Expense Report, respectively.
      • The project is a Fixed Fee project. We recommend invoicing for these projects from the Project Analysis page. If you click the project’s name, you’ll be taken to its Project Analysis page.
  • Check the Active Projects Only box to remove archived projects from the report.

  • Check the Projects With Balance Only box to remove projects without an uninvoiced amount from the report.

  • Export to CSV or Excel from the export menu.

  • Print this report by clicking the print icon.

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