How to View or Edit Another Person's Timesheet

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Whether you want to simply review your team members’ timesheets, add time on their behalf, or edit time entries, you can jump into someone else’s timesheet with just a few clicks.

Note: Only Administrators can view or edit another person’s timesheet.

View or edit another person's timesheet

  1. Go to Time.
  2. Click the Teammates button located in the top right corner of the timesheet.
  3. Select a team member’s name to go to their timesheet.
  4. You can then edit, start, stop, or delete timers and navigate through the calendar as you would on your own timesheet.
    • More details on editing time entries are available in our articles on tracking time in the Day view and Week view.

Select a team member from the Teammates dropdown on the timesheet

Resume editing your timesheet

When you've finished editing a team member's timesheet, you can return to your own timesheet by clicking the Resume editing your own timesheet link in the warning message at the top of the page.

Resume editing your own timesheet

Submit another person's timesheet for approval

If you need to submit another person's timesheet for Timesheet Approval, follow the steps to view their timesheet and click the Submit Week for Approval button (lower right corner). Then, click Yes, Submit Timesheet to confirm.

  • If the person tracked only time, their timesheet will then submit.
  • If they've tracked only expenses, or both time and expenses, you’ll be taken to a review screen and will need to click Submit for Approval at the bottom of the page to confirm the submission.

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