My teammates have different billable rates for the different types of work they do. How can I represent that in Harvest?

Harvest offers three different options to determine what rate we’ll apply to the hours tracked to a project: Project billable rate, Person billable rate, and Task billable rate.

Your teammates may have different billable rates depending on the jobs they're doing for a given project, but Harvest's project setup options don’t allow for combining two types of billable rates on a single project. Because of that, there isn't a built-in way to bill a project by both person and task.

If you need to track time with that kind of granularity, there's a workaround that can help. First, you can set up your project's billable rates to use Task billable rate. Then, you can create separate tasks for each of your specific teammates' different rates. You'll want to name these clearly so that your teammates can accurately track their time.

For example, you could create a task called "Jane Programming" with a billable rate of $200 per hour and another task called "Jane Research" with a billable rate of $150 per hour. When working on programming, Jane will track time to the “Jane Programming” task, while time spent doing research can be tracked to the “Jane Research” task. For John, separate tasks can be made, such as "John Programming" with a billable rate of $175 per hour and "John Research" with a billable rate of $125 per hour. John will then track his time to “John Programming” and “John Research” respectively.


Since Jane and John track their time to their own designated tasks within the project, their respective rates per task will be used to determine the billable amount on the project. When it comes time to create an invoice for the project, this setup will allow you to bill your client by each person's individual task rate.

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