Members: FAQs and troubleshooting

This article is for Members. Learn more about permissions.

Here are some questions frequently asked by Members—and how to troubleshoot them. This article covers trouble signing in, not being able to track time, unlocking timesheets, and why you may receive notifications like budget alerts, reminders, and timesheet submission emails.

Why can’t I track time?

You’ll first need to be assigned to a project to begin tracking time. Reach out to an account Administrator or Manager to ask them to assign you to a project.

Why can’t I see my projects on the Projects page?

By default, Members don’t see projects they’re assigned to in the Projects section of their account, although you can still track time to them from the Time section of the account. Projects will only show up on your Projects page if an Administrator or Manager has set them to Show project report to everyone on the project.

For an overview of all the active projects you’re currently assigned to, click your name at the top right and select My profile, then check the Projects tab of your profile.

Why is my timesheet locked/why can’t I add or edit my time or expenses?

Time and expense entries are locked against editing when they’re invoiced and/or approved, or when the associated projects and/or tasks are archived. If you need to make changes to locked time or expenses or want to add new time or expenses to a locked time period, please reach out to an Administrator.

Why am I receiving project budget alerts?

If a project with an hours-based budget has permissions set to Show project report to everyone on project and that project’s budget alerts are turned on, Members will receive alerts along with other teammates on that project.

Why am I receiving notifications when someone submits a timesheet?

If your company’s account has the approval functionality enabled and an Administrator or Manager has assigned you as a manager of a project, you’ll begin receiving timesheet submission emails for that project. If you shouldn’t be receiving those emails, reach out to an account Administrator or Manager to change the project settings. An Administrator will also have to edit your user profile to return you to Member permissions.

Why am I receiving reminders to submit my time?

An account Administrator has enabled this automated, account-wide reminder. They can choose to send it to anyone who tracked less than X% of their capacity or anyone who hasn’t submitted their timesheet for approval. If they chose the first option and you’ve tracked under that threshold, you’ll still receive the reminder even if you’ve submitted your timesheet.

Capacity is the total number of hours per week that each person is available to work. If you’re not sure what your current capacity is, reach out to an account Administrator.

Why can’t I access my account?

Please first reach out to an account Administrator, as they may have made changes to your user profile. If an Administrator hasn’t made any changes to your user profile, contact us for assistance with accessing your account.

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