How do I add time for occasional freelancers, contractors, or external vendors?

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There are a few options for adding contractor, freelancer, external vendor, or other occasional teammates' time to your Harvest account:

  • You can create a general profile called Contractor (or something similar) and assign it a dummy email address so that no actual person is invited to access the account. An Administrator can then track time to that person's timesheet for one or more contractors. You could also designate, either through tasks or in the time entry Notes, which contractor actually logged the time. For example, if you made tasks representing different contractors, you could then report on the time for those tasks to see who tracked those hours.
    • Note that this method would require a paid seat for the Contractor profile. 
    • If using a dummy email address that no one on your team has access to, it wouldn't be possible to recover the password if it were forgotten.
  • If you're not as concerned about the person's actual time getting tracked to your account, such as with an external vendor, you can set up a new expense category from Manage > Expense Categories. Then, you could create a billable expense entry for a contractor's cost and include in the entry's Notes or the invoice line item's Description the hours and rate used to calculate the entry's amount. 
    • This is also a good option for recording costs associated with outside vendors.  
    • Note that the entry would be associated with the person who entered the expense when viewing reports.
  • As a third option, you can add a free-form line item on any invoice that includes the contractor's hours and rate(s).
    • Note that this line item wouldn't appear anywhere in your Harvest projects, budgets, costs, etc., so there wouldn't be a way to report on this information. 

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